Allan Galgut is a long-respected insurance professional with experience in both the US and South Africa, going back nearly 30 years.  He came to the insurance business after a rewarding career as a pharmacist and former Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Society of the Free State in South Africa.
Allan’s fresh approach to insurance needs comes from his healthcare background and heavy involvement with patients.  As both pharmacist and trusted friend, he became aware that the “cost” of an illness is so much more than the cost of the drugs and doctor visits — it includes the cost to one’s family relationships and way of life.
Allan is Past President of his Rotary Club in South Africa, where he received the Pal Harris Award for service to the community.  He is a current member of the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club.  His face and name are recognizable from features in several local papers, as Allan and his Community Service Committee team recently facilitated the donation of five ice machines valued at more than $37,000 to the San Diego Fire Department.